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5 Tips to Organize Your Garage This Summer

5 Tips to Organize Your Garage This Summer

Many homeowners will focus on tackling the interior of their home in the Spring. But now that Summer is here, it’s time to turn your attention to the garage.  Whether your garage looks like an episode from the show Hoarders or it simply just needs a little straightening up, here are some tips to help you get organized.

Start with Decluttering

Before you come up with a new storage system, the first thing to do is determine what you will actually be storing and what you will be eliminating. This means you will need to be honest with yourself and decide what you need and what you will be tossing out or giving away.

Those boxes of old tools? When was the last time you used them? Or what about that lawnmower that you keep meaning repair? Either it’s time to have it repaired or perhaps have a garage sale and sell it at a discounted rate.

Prioritize Large Items First

Now that you have decluttered, it’s time to start organizing. But where should you begin? The larger items should receive attention first. For example, refrigerators, lawn tractors and tool benches are items that will take up the most space. Start by figuring out where those things will go and then continue on from there.

Utilize Wall Space

Purchase hooks or other hanging units if you haven’t already. Determine items suitable for hanging on the walls and group similar items together. For example, gather all gardening tools or even larger items like bikes. Get them off the floor by hanging them on the walls.  This will significantly increase the amount of floor space and give you more room for further organization. Not to mention, hanging things on the walls makes tools and other necessities easier to find as opposed to rummaging through boxes.

Use Overhead Storage

Using overhead storage such as an attic is another way to make use of vertical space and create more floor space. If you don’t have an attic or any type of overhead storage, try using hanging shelves or building your own overhead loft.

Shelves are a Must

Whether you have a simple shelving unit or an elaborate cabinet unit, shelves are a crucial tool when it comes to organization. Store rarely used items toward the back of the shelves and frequently used items in front so they are easily accessible.

Keep hazardous items such as gasoline, oil, and paint thinner on higher shelves so that they are out of children’s reach. If you decide you no longer need these items make sure you consult with your local municipality on how to properly dispose of them.

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