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How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins

How to Decorate With White Pumpkins

Fall is just around the corner. Soon it will be time for cider and doughnuts, gorgeous foliage, spiced lattes and of course, fall decor.

Orange pumpkins are often at the top of the autumn decoration list. And although this traditional color represents fall and complements the colors of fresh fallen leaves, I have a special place in my heart for white pumpkins.

There is something about that soft white that fits in perfectly with my rustic furniture and decor. 

Keep reading to learn how to easily decorate your home with white pumpkins.

1. Create a Centerpiece 

How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins - Centerpieces

Create a centerpiece by filling a container of your choice with white pumpkins, flowers and leaves. This is perfect for the kitchen table, couch table and entryways – pretty much anywhere.


2. Mix With Candles and Other Accents

How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins - Candles

Get creative by mixing your white pumpkins with candles, pinecones, leaves and acorns. The only limit is your imagination.


3. Play with Different Heights and Sizes

How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins

Mixing different sized pumpkins will add depth to your display. You can also use different containers to add interest and create a variety in height.


4. Keep it Simple by Adding Just a Touch

How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins

Although these pumpkins pair together nicely with the items mentioned above, they can certainly make a statement on their own. Simply add a pumpkin or 2 on mantels, countertops and tables.



5. Pair White Pumpkins with Mums and Other Plants

How to Decorate Your Home With White Pumpkins - Mums

Pumpkins and mums are undoubtedly fall decor staples. Swap out your orange pumpkins for white ones and pair them with white mums or flower of your choice.

Need More Fall Decor Inspiration?

Marianne Porth is a clever decorator and owner of All Around the House Interiors, located in Downtown Romeo, Michigan. 

If you are looking for unique fall decor or if you are interested in having your furniture or accent decor custom painted, stop in the shop or call: 586-242-1588.

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