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Looking to Buy Vintage Barware in Michigan? Antique Glasses and Accessories are Making a Huge Comeback

If you were hosting a mid-century cocktail party, serving drinks in just “any old glass” would not do. Mid-century homes were well stocked with beautiful glassware that was hand blown and hand designed in various shapes.  Entertaining guests at home was extremely popular and parties were rarely last minute get togethers as they were carefully planned ahead of time. A gracious host would have the bar stocked with glasses, an ice bucket, mixing tools and even recipe cards for their guests.

Vintage barware is making a huge comeback and All Around the House Interiors in Downton Romeo Michigan has lots of fun glassware and accessories to choose from. We have collections of vintage glasses, pitchers, bottles, swizzle sticks and more!

One of our favorites is this set of four collins glasses with a dice design – a great conversation piece.


We also have this set of 4 drinking glasses and gold ice bucket that are perfect for your retro bar.


These elegant, hand blown glass bottles make the perfect gift. That is, if you don’t keep them for yourself!


Another beautiful set includes 4 glasses and 1 pitcher, all etched with subtle polka dots. Very classy.


How to Stock Your Retro Bar

Have we inspired you to start mixing drinks for guests in your stylish vintage glassware? Make sure your bar is stocked complete with everything you need to make your cocktail party a success.

Measuring Tools

Show off your bartending skills by using the proper measuring tools.  For example, a jigger is a measuring tool with 2 small cups. One side has 1.5 oz (a jigger) while the other has a 3/4 oz. A jigger is pictured in the bar set below as the furthest item on the right.


Cocktail Shakers

For your guests that prefer their drinks “shaken not stirred”, use a cocktail shaker to mix drink ingredients together.  Or use a cocktail shaker to chill otherwise warm liquids over ice. For example, a straight up martini may only need liquor and vermouth, but chances are, your guests won’t want to drink them warm. Shake the ingredients with ice and pour the chilled mixture into a glass through the strainer.


Bar Spoons or Swizzle Sticks

Prefer your drink stirred and not shaken? A bar spoon or swivel sticks are a must have for your bar.


Glassware and Drink Dispensers

Out of all of the barware, proper glasses and drink dispensers (pitchers or bottles) are probably the most important. Be sure to have all of the appropriate glasses for each type of drink. For example, beer, champagne, martinis and mixed drinks will all require a different glass.


Additional Party Planning Tips: Be sure to provide a variety of refreshments for your guests to include alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. It may also be helpful to section off different areas for each type of beverage. For example, keep wine and liquor behind the bar but store beer and cider in the kitchen.  

Looking to Buy Vintage Barware in Michigan?

Stop in All Around the House Interiors and check out all of the gorgeous vintage glasses and accessories we have for your retro bar. We have vintage barware, hand painted furniture and decor accents, unique frames and more. Stop in and see us. Our pieces are anything but ordinary.

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