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5 Container Garden Design Ideas

5 Container Garden Design Ideas

Container gardens are perfect for patios and porches or sprinkled throughout your entire yard. There really aren’t too many design rules for container gardens, so you can really show your style and creativity.

But there are some guidelines you should follow for the most success.  You will need to choose plants with roots that are able to grow in contained areas. For example, a lilac shrub would not have enough room to spread it’s roots in a small container. But there are lilac dwarf varieties that can grow in a larger container.

Some examples of plants that are perfect for a container garden are Roses, Nemesias, Begonias, Impatiens, Petunias, Hydrangeas (dwarf varieties) and Lilacs (dwarf varieties).

Also, make sure to consider how much sun your garden will receive as certain plants will grow better in shade or full sun areas.  Your local nursery will often indicate what type of sunlight your plants need. 


Save Space with Hanging Plants

5 Container Garden Design Ideas

Hang flowers or plants on your home’s exterior, against rustic wood panels or any vertical structure that will support your containers. This is perfect for a smaller yard or anyone that wants to make the most use of their space.


Create a Rustic Scene with Various Baskets

5 Container Garden Design Ideas

We just love this rustic arrangement with various colored wicker baskets at different heights. There are a few different plants yet they all complement each other nicely. 


Choose Unique Statement Pieces

5 Container Garden Design Ideas

There’s no rule saying that you have to mix different kinds of containers together. Sometimes a single arrangement in a unique vintage container makes quite the statement on its own.


Mix and Match Height and Textures

5 Container Garden Design Ideas

The fun in designing a container garden is you really can’t go wrong with any size or texture of container. Instead of grouping similar containers, mix and match various heights colors and textures.


Plant an Herb Garden

Plant herbs in any container and get creative by using ceramic pitchers and glass vases. Most herbs need plenty of sunshine in order to grow and reach their full potential. So if you plan on growing indoors be sure to place directly under a window.

Looking for Unique Garden Accents or Containers?

 If you are looking for fun and unique garden accents to add to your container garden, stop in and see us at All around the House Interiors in Downtown Romeo. We also have unique containers that may be the perfect fit for smaller plants in your outdoor oasis, such as silver plate vases and more.

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