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Gardening Tips and Design Inspiration for 2019

Gardening Tips and Design Inspiration for 2019

Hooray! May is finally here which officially the kicks off gardening season. If you’re getting bit by the gardening bug, and are looking for some inspiration for 2019, here are some tips to create your very own outdoor oasis.


Incorporate Your Home’s Exterior

Gardening Tips and Design Inspiration for 2019

When planning your landscape design, it’s important to incorporate your home’s exterior which will serve as a backdrop for your garden. Choose colors that stand out and contrast with the exterior. If you have light colored siding, choose bright and bold plants and flowers. If your home is a dark brick, stay away from darker plants that will get lost in the background. But be careful not to add too much contrast.  You will still want to compliment the exterior. There are specific colors that will be harmonious to your homes exterior. For example, if your exterior has warm colors, choose plants with warm colors as well.


Plan Your Theme 

Just like you choose a theme for your interior design, plan a theme for your garden. Your could simply pair a few different flowers and plants that compliment each other. Or you can take things a step further and create an entire theme to incorporate, containers, accents and other elements. Pictured above is a english cottage theme. Some other theme ideas are tropical gardens, herb and vegetable gardens, or you could create your own personal theme based on your own taste.


Create a Butterfly Garden

How about planting a garden that attracts butterflies or your other favorite winged wildlife? There are specific species of plants that butterflies are attracted to. Consult with a specialist at your gardening center to learn more about which plants will attract specific butterflies, birds and other wildlife.


Have Fun With Antiques and Other Elements

Add unique pieces to your garden such as antique wheel barrows and wagon wheels or have fun with various containers. Find elements that will tie in with your current theme. But at the end of the day, it’s your garden so don’t be afraid to break the rules and get creative.  

Looking for Unique Garden Accents?

We hope you enjoyed this article and it inspired you to get gardening! If you are looking for fun and unique garden accents to add to your private sanctuary, stop in and see us at All around the House Interiors in Downtown Romeo. We have plenty of  lovely accents for your home that are anything but ordinary!

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