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What are the Benefits of Upcycling Furniture?

Do you have any furniture that is out of style? Or maybe you have a piece that just doesn’t match your decor? Before you run out to a big box store and buy something brand new, you may want to consider taking a piece you already own and having it painted. Many homeowners are opting to upcycle or repurpose furniture and find they actually enjoy these refinished pieces way more than anything they could find from a factory.

Besides falling in love with your gorgeous, and newly rejuvenated hand painted furniture, here are a few other benefits of  breathing new life into older pieces.

Hand Painted Furniture Store in Michigan Explains the Benefits of Upcycling

It’s Great for the Environment

When you repurpose a piece of furniture, not only are you are decreasing waste by keeping your furniture out of a landfill, but you are also preventing another piece from being manufactured.  Less manufacturing will reduce air and water pollution and prevent natural materials from being used.

So in addition to your rejuvenated furniture looking great, you can feel great about helping the planet!

Hand Painted Furniture Store in Michigan

Keep the Pieces you Love

Just because a certain piece won’t fit into your decor anymore, doesn’t mean it has lost it’s place in your heart. Many of our furniture pieces have a story behind them or have been in the family for several years.

Why not transform your grandfather’s desk or your grandmother’s dresser with a fresh coat of paint? You can update the look of these objects while holding onto the sentimental value. In the photo below, we turned an old cabinet into a dog bed, so that a boy could keep his dog next to his bed at night.

Hand Painted Furniture Store in Michigan

Embrace Your Creativity

When you shop for furniture at a store, your only options are the pieces that are pre-built.  Although you may be able to choose different finishes on a given piece,  it still doesn’t compare to starting with a blank canvas where the only limitation is your imagination. 

Choose from greys, blues, white, black, silver or go with a bolder color. After the new piece is complete you will feel like a part of you went into the design. That’s something a factory just can’t compete with.

Hand Painted Furniture Store in Michigan



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