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How to Create a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps

Do you have a large wall that you aren’t sure how to decorate? A gallery wall can make a stunning focal point for any empty space in any room of your home.

A gallery wall can consist of is any collection of wall decor. One approach would be to group similar artwork. For example, arrange all black and white photos in a grid, or you can even stagger them.

Another idea is to hang photos and decor that are meaningful to you and tell your personal story. Here is a gallery wall that we designed for a client, comprised of various family photos.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

You could also share your family’s experiences by adding some vacation photos to the mix. There really is no limit to what you can include in your gallery wall. Here is another gallery wall that we designed for a client that combines family photos with fun frames and a variety of vintage decor accents. 

Creating a gallery wall is easy but sometimes the most challenging part for clients is knowing just where to start and how to organize their wall art in the best manor. For this reason, we have put together 6 easy steps to create the perfect gallery wall for your home.

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Home

STEP 1: Slowly Gather Your Wall Decor 

When your gallery wall is completed, the collection of decor will essentially be your personal artwork. And like any great masterpiece,  it cannot be created by quickly gathering items in a rush.  So start by accepting that to create the perfect gallery wall, it may take some time and may even require shopping for a couple of months. 

To find the best pieces, always keep your gallery wall in mind when you are shopping. Search local shops, garage sales and thrift stores for any items that tie in with your colors and overall theme.

STEP 2: Measure Your Space

After you have gathered all of your items for your gallery wall, it’s time to measure the space of your wall and determine the size of your gallery. For the most eye-catching gallery, you will want to fill the entire wall area. Or, if your wall has a chair rail, you can fill the area between the ceiling and the chair rail. 

STEP 3: Create Your Layout on the Floor First

Before you start hammering into your wall, plan your layout on the floor. This will make it much easier to move items around and try different arrangements. Keep in mind that you will need a large workspace so make use of a garage or basement floor or move large furniture out of the way if needed.

STEP 4:  Start in the Middle and Work Your Way Out

The focal point of your gallery wall should be in the middle.  Place tape or string in the middle of your floor workspace to mark the center. Take a larger frame or a piece that is the most meaningful to you and place it in the center. Start adding the rest of your frames and decor by moving up, down, left and right, continuing to work your way from the center. For your pieces that will border the edge of the wall, try to have them draw the eye to the center of the gallery. For example, have subjects in photos face the center of your gallery if possible.

STEP 5: Review From a Distance and Tweak if Necessary 

After you have arranged your gallery on the floor, stand up and take a few steps back to review the gallery in full perspective. Move items around as needed. If space allows, leave the arrangement on the floor for a day or more. You might change your mind or come up with new ideas after walking away for awhile.

STEP 6: Build Your Gallery Wall!

It’s time for the best part – creating your gallery wall. Decide what hanging tools you will use. Will it be nails, screws or wall-safe tape? For heavier items, screws or nails are recommended. 

When building your gallery wall, follow the same process as you did when you planned your layout in step 4. Determine the middle of your wall, start hanging pieces in the center and work your way out.

Looking for Unique Decor for Your Gallery Wall?

We hope you enjoyed these tips and you are inspired to get started on your own gallery wall. If you are looking for unique wall art, frames or accent decor, be sure to stop in All Around the House Interiors in Downtown Romeo, Michigan. We have various unique pieces that would be perfect for any home or any gallery wall.

Do you love the idea of a gallery wall but don’t have the time or desire to design your own wall space? All Around the House Interiors would be happy to create one for you! Call the shop for pricing and additional information at: 586-242-1588. 

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