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How to Use Hydrangeas in Your Home Decor and How to Make Them Last

How to Use Hydrangeas in Your Interior Design and How to Make Them Last

It’s that time of year again for creating beautiful gardens and transforming your yard into a private retreat.

But why should you leave this beauty in the garden when you can use fresh flowers to enhance your home’s interior?

In this article we will be talking specifically about hydrangeas, how to keep them fresh and how to dry and preserve them perfectly so you can get the most out of this gorgeous plant.

When to Cut Hydrangeas for Optimal Drying

The biggest challenge in drying hydrangeas is knowing when to cut the flowers. If you cut them in peak bloom, they have too much moisture so they won’t dry quickly enough.  The best time to cut hydrangeas is at the end of the season when their color is fading slightly.

Keeping Your Hydrangeas Fresh

As with any plant, the hydrangeas need to be kept hydrated. This means to make sure it has plenty of fresh water. This particular flower looks really good in a vase so cut the stems so that it fits well with the vase it occupies. Too long or too short of a stem can be costly. Instead of a vase, try using a watering can to pull together a farmhouse, shabby chic look.  Also, the stem should be dipped in alum. Alum will keep the hydrangeas looking lovely for weeks rather than days.

How to Keep Hydrangeas Fresh

Once it is noticeable that the hydrangeas are drying out, you could take them out of the water and let them hang. But in many cases, the hydrangeas will dry and stand tall just by simply being left in their vase. So, you can just leave the hydrangeas in their vase and dry them using the water drying method.

Dry and Preserve Your Hydrangeas Using the Water Drying Method

Flowers dry best when they are left to do it on their own. Often times, the best results derive from leaving the hydrangeas in their vase. When the flower is in a small amount of water, it can dry naturally.

Make sure the stems are at least half covered with water and when the water starts to evaporate, do not refill the vase with more water. You will also want to make sure your hydrangeas are not in any direct sunlight.

The flower will use the water slowly to keep itself from drying out too fast. It is simply survival. The plant does not want to dry out, so the water will slow the process down.  The moisture in the water will keep the petals pretty for a longer time. 


The drying will take longer, but the petals will stay vibrant and there is no worry for the hydrangeas to turn brown and wilt.

Blooming flowers are a lovely accent to any home decor but it can be difficult to preserve them and get them to last long enough to enjoy their beauty. You can enjoy hydrangeas longer by using these helpful tips. Keep your flowers hydrated and give it time. Don’t try rushing any bit of the process. It will be worth it in the end! 

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