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How to Transition to Farmhouse Style Decor

Do you love the cozy and warm feeling of farmhouse decor but don’t know how to implement the style in your home’s current theme?

Maybe your home has more of a modern vibe and you would like to start transitioning to something more cottage chic. Here are some tips on how to introduce this country charm into your living space. The key is to move at your own pace. Start with one or two of these decorating techniques and slowly add in more as you feel comfortable. 

Choose Neutral Colors

If you are trying to create a warmer ambiance, avoid bright colors. Instead stick to whites, creams, beiges, light blues, grays and even black. 


Rugs Provide a Simple Floor Makeover

If replacing your floors is on the to-do list but you don’t have the desire to install new carpet or hardwood, an area rug can give you a quick makeover and add dimension to the room.


Add Frames, Leaded Windows and other Wall Accents

This is a simple way to start introducing farmhouse decor. Hang natural wood or painted frames and other wall decor.


Paint Existing Furniture and Decor

Instead of buying new furniture, upcycle! Paint dressers, kitchen tables, cabinets, vanities, end tables and even frames. Remember to choose neutral colors.


Choose the Right Furniture

Choose lighter colored furniture such as creams or beiges. If this is not possible, at least add light colored throw pillows and blankets.


Mix in Antique Accents

Mix antique clocks, scales or frames in with modern pieces to complete the vintage look.



Looking for Farmhouse Decor in Macomb County, Michigan?

So there you have it. A few simple tips and ideas to transition to farmhouse style. If you are looking for unique furniture, frames and other accents to help you get the ball rolling on your farmhouse decorating project, stop in All Around the House Interiors in Downtown Romeo, Michigan.  Or, let us paint something custom for you! Send us photos of any furniture or decor you would like repurposed and we will hand paint it for you. All Around the House Interiors can also paint, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and laundry rooms. Contact us today for your design consultation at: 586-242-1588.

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