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10 Easy Design Hacks for Hanging Your Art

With all the different shapes, sizes, textures and colors of wall art available, the design ideas are nearly unlimited for every room of your home. Whether your style is contemporary, farmhouse, cottage chic or minimalist, your pieces can be hung and displayed in several ways.

Get inspired for your next decorating project by learning these 10 easy design hacks from Macomb County clever decorator, Marianne Porth from All around the House Interiors – located at 111 South Main Street in Downtown Romeo, MI.

1. Group Similar Pieces Together

A common design practice by many interior decorators is to group multiple pieces of artwork together that are almost identical. For example, create a diptych by hanging 2 pieces side by side, as shown below.


2. Create a Gallery out of Black and White Photography

Black and white photograohy provides a clean, bold and minimalistic look that never seems to go out of style. Create a gallery of 2 more more black and white photos to create a gallery wall. Use family pictures, places you have visited or any photos that you feel create a nice focal point.


3. Layer Multiple Pieces Together

Create a unique look by experimenting with different colors and textures and layering them together as in the photo below.



4. Lean Artwork Instead of Hanging it on the Wall

Leaning pictures and mirrors, instead of hanging them can create a casual yet elegant feel.  This look works best with medium to large size pieces.


5. Use Frames to Create Your Own Artwork

Picture frames can hold more than just photos. Line the frames with wallpaper or framed letters.


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color

Instead of choosing wood, black or white frames, paint your frames bright colors for a unique look. Just be sure your wall color is white or significantly lighter than the frame.


7. Go for the Natural Look

If your style is vintage or shabby chic, go for natural frames that are slightly rough around the edges to provide more of a rustic look.


8. Experiment with Shapes and Sizes

Unlike tip #1 where you place similar pieces together, try hanging different pieces together while keeping a theme.


9. Decorate Your Bookshelf

Add pictures and mirrors to your bookshelves or any other shelves in your home. The leaning of artwork we mentioned earlier works great on top of the shelves. Or place your pieces inside of the interior sections.


10. Repurpose Older Pieces

Why limit your decor to photos and mirrors when you can up-cycle and breathe new life into older pieces, such as these gorgeous antique window frames?


Looking for Home Decor in Macomb County?

We hope you enjoyed this article and it inspired you. If you are looking for the perfect wall decor to hang, lean or place anywhere in your home, be sure to visit All Around the House Interiors in Downtown Romeo, Michigan. We have unique pieces for every home and we can also custom paint furniture and decor for you.

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