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Creative Ways to Decorate with Antique Window Frames

One of our favorite things to repurpose is antique leaded windows.  Window frames are sure to add charm to any room of your home and even outdoor spaces. Hang them in their original state, or refinish them. Leave the panes in, take them out or replace the panes with other materials. Either way, these gorgeous frames offer unlimited decorating possibilities. You can find these treasures at estate sales, salvage yards, thrift stores and maybe even in your own home. Keep reading to learn how to repurpose old windows and get inspired for your next project.

Hang Antique Windows Over Existing Window Openings

Hang windows over a sunny window in your home, like pictured above, and let the light shine through.  When the sun hits at the right angle, the windows will pick up colors from the room and create the illusion of stained glass.

Take out the Panes

Not crazy about the color or condition of the glass?  Believe it or not, antique windows can look just as stunning without their panes. You can remove the glass and leave the frame empty or replace the window panes with a chalkboard, a mirror, chicken wire or even wallpaper. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Replace Cabinet Doors

Change out your wood cabinet doors for antique leaded windows. This is a fairly easy project.  You just need to find a window with the same dimensions as the cabinet opening. Or, you can even take an old window casing and build a shelving around it.

More Ways to Decorate with Antique Window Frames

Looking for more inspiration? These lovely frames offer countless design ideas …

  • Simply hang frames on the wall or lean on tables or mantels
  • String several windows together through their hinges to create a room divider
  • Combine multiple window frames to create a rustic headboard
  • Hang a frame above the towel rack in the bathroom
  • Use your frame as the top of a coffee table
  • Fill individual panes with family pictures for a unique photo album


Looking for Antique Window Frames in Michigan?

All Around the House Interiors has several antique window frames that have already been repurposed and refinished. We did the work for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy them. Stop in the shop see all of our window frames, picture frames, custom hand painted furniture and more.  Or if you have an antique window that needs some reviving and repurposing, let us refinish it for you. Call the shop for pricing and more information at: 586-242-1588.

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